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We are accepting applications in grades K-12 for the 2022-23 school year

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Applications for Fall Enrollment Are Open

North Star Academy is a tuition-free K-12 public charter school, and is open to all residents of NJ. Families can enroll their child through Newark Enrolls, a universal enrollment system for all Newark public schools.

As a free public school open to all students, North Star does not collect application fees, and does not consider test scores, student grades, or any other information for enrollment. We are not a magnet school or private school. We are an exceptional public charter school, serving all students of all abilities.

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Reasons to Choose North Star Academy

From an award-winning curriculum and caring teachers, to a full K-12 experience, here are some reasons why families choose North Star Academy.

Application Process

Remember to list North Star Academy as your top choice on the application!

North Star Academy is a tuition-free public school. Families enroll in all public schools, including North Star Academy, through a universal enrollment system called Newark Enrolls.

Families who accept enrollment with North Star Academy will be placed at one of our 14 schools. Find the nearest North Star school in your neighborhood.


North Star Academy is open to all residents of New Jersey. Children entering Kindergarten must turn five on or before October 1 of their enrollment year.

Discover what it means to be an Uncommon student.

Enrollment FAQs

General Enrollment Questions

There are no enrollment costs to apply to or attend North Star Academy. Please note that there may be minimal fees throughout the school year.

As per our charter, North Star Academy is ONLY open to all residents of New Jersey. Children entering Kindergarten must turn five on or before October 1 of their enrollment year.

All applications must be submitted through Newark Board of Education Newark Enrolls application. Be sure to list North Star Academy as your first choice.

Siblings of currently enrolled North Star Academy students are given preference for admission over non-sibling applicants. Sibling preference applies to a student who has a sibling already in attendance when they are called off the waitlist. Sibling preference only applies to students who share a common parent through birth or legal adoption and live in the same household. Children who live in separate households are not considered siblings.

Campus placement is not guaranteed due to space limitations. We do, however, make an effort to “zone” students to the campus closest to their home. Campus placement will be communicated during the registration process.

No. There are no academic prerequisites or entrance examinations to be admitted to North Star Academy.

Yes. Children with special needs are encouraged to apply.

At this time, we are not offering in-person school tours. We also encourage you to browse this website. Should you have any questions, please contact our enrollment team.

You can contact the Newark Enrolls application team by emailing enroll@northstaracademy.org.

Questions About the Waitlist

  1. Students who submit an application are placed on waitlists for schools that they ranked higher than their match school.
  2. Families who didn’t apply during the application window can visit newarkenrolls.org or visit any North Star Academy campus to apply to the waitlist.
  1. Siblings of current students, in random order.
  2. Newark residents, in random order.
  3. Non-Newark residents, in random order.

Waitlists are managed centrally by Newark Enrolls. Schools do not have access to the full waitlist, and are not able to view families’ waitlist status. Waitlist names are released to schools only when a vacant seat is available, and only one name is released for each open seat.

Students on the waitlist are enrolled into our schools as seats become available for the grade in which they have applied. For a seat to become available, a current family must transfer out of our schools. In the event that a current family leaves, we refer to the waitlist and contact families in the order that they appear on the waitlist.

There is no way to foresee when any child might be selected from the waitlist. Students are called from the waitlist in the order that they are listed as spots open up in the schools. We will call all phone numbers on file when your student comes up on the list. Please be sure you update all contact information on your application via newarkenroll.org.


Students on the waitlist must reapply every year through Newark Enrolls if they are still interested in attending North Star Academy.


Sibling applicants of currently enrolled students are given priority for admission over non-sibling applicants. In the event that there are no available seats, confirmed sibling applicants will be ordered randomly and placed in sequential order based on their randomly assigned number on the top of the waitlist above non-sibling applicants. This process is in line with the practice of the Newark Enrolls policy.

Newark Enrolls

Newark Enrolls is a system of choice where all families can access great schools for their children, regardless of the school’s status as district or charter. The system is available to any Newark family wishing to enroll their child in a new school for the upcoming year. Students may rank up to eight school choices – both district and charter – on a single application. They will then receive a single offer to attend the best possible school given their selections.

Families may apply to North Star Academy by visiting newarkenrolls.org and selecting “new enrollment.”

Previously, families had to navigate multiple applications, competing timelines, and dual processes during regular enrollment seasons. Newark Enrolls streamlines this process by combining applications, timelines, and processes into a single system that all participating schools follow.

The matching process aims to match every student to his or her first-choice school. When there are more applicants than available seats, priority is given to students with certain characteristics. For example, priority for most seats is given to students living in a school’s geographical area. When there are still too many applicants, a random number is used to determine which students receive the seats. This policy is applied to all charter and district schools, with the exception of district magnet schools.

The only reason that a student does not receive his or her first choice is because that school has more applicants than available seats. When a student is not matched with his or her first-choice school, the matching process attempts to match a student with his or her next choice with available space.

Contact Information

Tel: (973) 474-5114
Tel: (973) 474-5115 (para Espanol)
Email: applytonsa@northstaracademy.org

Tel: (973) 733-7333
Email: info@newarkenrolls.org

School Locations

North Star Academy operates 14 schools, serving grades K-12, in the Newark neighborhoods of Clinton Hill, Downtown Newark, Fairmount, Vailsburg, and West Side.

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