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Curriculum Development

North Star has developed over one hundred interim assessments directly aligned with New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and North Star curricula. These assessments form the backbone of the data-driven instructional model that has greatly enhanced student achievement.


Eliminating the Achievement Gap

North Star students have succeeded in eliminating the achievement gap, routinely outperforming their more affluent, suburban district peers on New Jersey state assessments. Based on recent test results, North Star's high school is the highest-performing non-selective urban high school in New Jersey. Click here to view our most recent test results.


100% College Bound at High School Graduation

In 2015, North Star sent off its twelfth graduating class. Every senior was accepted to at least one college—students averaged six acceptances each. 90% of graduates will be attending a four-year university, with another 10% attending a two-year school. The high school's College Access and Success team is active in organizing school visits by college recruiters as well as student trips to college campuses. The team further supports college preparation by coordinating student participation in summer and year-long enrichment programs to strengthen preparation for college. Our college team spends much of its time providing support to alumni as they navigate college life.