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5th Grade

This month’s star of North Star is Egbefe, a 5th grader at Vailsburg Middle School.

Egbefe loves to read!  So much so that this year she has read over 5.3 million words (yes millions!). At Vailsburg Middle School, 5th graders are crowned a Gold Reader when they read four books or 150,000 words in one month. Students can also receive the distinction of Royal Reader if they read one million words.  Egbefe has received Gold Reader every month this year and became a Royal Reader just three months into the school year.

When asked why she loves reading so much, Egbefe said “my dad encouraged me to read when I was young by bringing home tons of books. I really love reading fiction, especially fantasy!”

English teacher Mr. Gibbons says, “Egbefe’s dedication to and passion for reading is truly inspiring, to her peers and her teachers alike! Not only that, her love of reading has had such a profound impact on her writing, both in her sophisticated sentence structure and advanced vocabulary. And to read over five million words in a school year? Truly a most impressive accomplishment!”