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4th Grade

This month’s Star of North Star is Sameir, a 4th grader at Alexander Street Elementary School. This is Sameir’s 3rd year with North Star.

Sameir has grown into a true leader, both inside and outside the classroom. Ms. Brown, one of his teachers says “Sameir is a student who truly leads by example. He embodies ‘going all in’ no matter what he is learning! He is able to push his peers with sophisticated thinking and prompting and continues to excel in literacy constantly pushing himself and using all his strategies to be successful.” Ms. Audige adds that “Sameir is an amazing writer. He really has a gift of bringing character’s to life through his snapshots”.

Aside from academics, Samier enjoys going to fitness class with Coach Clark where he gets to work on becoming stronger and bettering his coordination in sports like football which is his favorite. This year, his team “The Orange Bengels” had a winning season and he cannot wait until he can get back on the field again!

Sameir loves learning and trying new things. He chose to be on the step team rather than sports because he wanted to try something different. He is very happy with the program so far and is excited to be working towards their next performance.

Sameir hopes to attend LSU because it’s an all-around great school, and their football team isn’t bad either!