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8th Grade

This month’s Star of North Star is Ann, an eighth grader at West Side Park Middle School.

Ann joined West Side Park Middle School in the 6th grade and has remained a prominent and exemplar member of the Pride of 2021! While maintaining a 3.88 GPA, Ann is also involved in Street Law and tutoring fellow WMS students. Outside of school, Ann has been accepted into a highly competitive program at the Wight Foundation based on her academics and character.

According to Ann, when she first came to North Star she was very shy but her teachers helped her venture out to make new friends and learn more about herself, which has ultimately led to her success and confidence both in and outside of school. Ms. Patel, one of Ann’s former 6th grade teachers, describes Ann as “committed, never settling for so-so and determined”. She still remembers how Ann seamlessly transitioned to North Star’s high expectations and has never stopped! “North Star has pushed me academically and I know that what I am doing here is for ME so I always try my best” says Ann.

We are so excited to see her shine for the remainder of her eighth grade year and continue to reach her full potential!