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Angela Marchell

Associate Dean of Students

Ms. Marchell graduated from with a B.A. from Montclair State University in 2009. Her first concentration is in Elementary Education K-5 and her second concentration is in Family Services. Before joining North Star, Angela taught 4th grade. In her free time she enjoys reading of all kinds, puzzles of any kind, and exercising.




What inspires you?

I am inspired by those who inspire others. Every staff member in this building is dedicated to accomplishing our mission and that, in turn, makes me continually strive for my own personal growth and zest for learning.


Why did you choose North Star?

I chose North Star because the tenacity and intellect of the staff at North Star and how their influences trickle down and inspire the students, making them better adept to succeed far beyond the confines of the classroom. Every classroom has students engaged from the beginning of the lesson to the end and truly exemplifies how to conduct yourself in a professional atmosphere.