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Jody-Anne Jones

Principal, Clinton Hill Middle School

Jody-Anne Jones is currently the Principal of North Star Academy Clinton Hill Middle School. She joined North Star in 2006 after graduating from Cornell University with a Master’s degree in Africana studies with a focus on Caribbean Politics.  Ms. Jones also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Africana Studies from Rutgers University and an International Affairs Certificate. She also minored in Political Science. Ms. Jones loves to travel and studied abroad  in South Africa and served as an Intern for UNESCO in Paris, France. During her time at North Star she taught fifth grade History for five years and served as a Team leader, Instructional Leader, and Dean of Students before becoming Principal.



Why Education?

My students deserve to have options and become agents of change. They need to have the tools to advocate for themselves and to make their communities better. I want them to approach every opportunity afforded to them with confidence and pride. I want them to be able to compete with the masses. An exceptional education gives them this possibility.  I believe that education is key to ending systematic oppression.


What was your most memorable/rewarding experience as a school leader?

I have many memorable moments!

One memorable moment was when one of my students videotaped the tour of Washington D.C. and described the historical significance to his parents in Spanish because his parents could not speak English and he wanted his family to join him in this great learning experience.  It’s beautiful to see students go above and beyond.

But overall, its the "aha" moments I get to see when I observe classes;  when I see a student walk in unable to read on grade level and then become one of the top readers of their current grade. When I see an entire school of adults who are relentless in ensuring that all our children have the best education possible, this is what's rewarding!