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Ebony Joseph

4th Grade Teacher

Ebony Joseph began at North Star in 2014, and is a 4th grade teacher at West Side Park Elementary School.

Ms. Joseph has always have been involved in education in some form. She began by working as a nanny and facilitating home school for a nine year old. Then she taught after-school art classes in South Orange. She also worked at an academy for gifted students. Later, Ebony began volunteering at a Democratic Free school. After experiencing all of these different forms of education she knew that teaching was her next step and applied and became a 2014 Teach For America corps member.



What Inspires You?

My aunt, children and music. My aunt has raised me from birth and she has always been an amazing role model for my sisters and I. Children are always teaching me something new and inspiring me to be a better person. Music always inspires me while working or thinking of new ways to push my scholars and ways to better myself.


Describe a Funny Classroom Experience

I was walking the boys to the bathroom at the beginning of the school year and I was walking backwards to practice scanning. I must have tripped over all of my urgency and I fell in front of fifteen 4th grade gentlemen. It was actually a very proud moment for me because my clipboard was still in my hand. That may have been why not one of my children laughed at me. They were either terrified of getting a check or they felt so bad for me they decided to give me a break. I remember just sitting on the floor until one of my more mature scholars, Niko, said to me, "You should probably get up now Ms. Joseph."


Who is Your Role Model?

My aunt is my role model. She raised my three sisters and I from birth and has pushed us all to be our best selves. She has shown me what a person should strive to be. She is kind, loving, and a hard worker. She even to this day spoils me. I get teased by my friends all the time about how she comes and cleans my apartment. She is who I want to be when I grow up.


What are Some of Your Hobbies or Interests?

I love going to concerts and traveling. I also love to sing and dance. I am not good at either but that has never stopped me. I like to put on concerts in my apartment. My neighbors either have very thick walls or are very forgiving. My favorite artists are Whitney Houston and Prince. Obviously the 80's were my decade putting aside the fact that I was not born yet.